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Jimmy’s Last Weeks at Ginty Creek

The storms of late August left a thick pelt of snow on the mountains.  There has been a lot of logging below Perkins Peak these last two years, and the snow picked out the new cutblocks. We dodged the rain … Continue reading

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Bread Israeli style at Nuk Tessli

There are eight people at Nuk Tessli at the moment.  As well as Doron and myself, there are: a Swiss client, two American friends of Doron, plus three young Israelis: Amotz, Oren (which means”pine tree”) and Inbal (which means the … Continue reading

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We had a little bit at first. The McClinchy river is quite low now.  The flow is restricted in the high country where everything is frozen so not much water gets to lower elevations. We had one very pretty day, … Continue reading

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Baking Bread at Nuk Tessli

At Nuk Tessli, we bake the best bread in the world!  There are 2 main reasons for this, one is that we always use some fresh-ground flour, the other is the stone oven. Here is Rachel grinding the flour. Sam, … Continue reading

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Building a Stone Oven Part Five

Taddah!!! I wasn’t sure how to fit the chimney.  There wasn’t room behind the cookstove to insert the chimney into the wall.  So I figured I could run it directly through one of the lids on the cookstove top. The … Continue reading

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